Welcome to my new Shadowrun campaign!

I am in the process of updating all the personalities and contacts that the players will encounter. First will be short bio’s on everyone’s contacts they got at character creation. Don’t forget your contacts in a Shadowrun game! They are important for both simple favors and play an important part in the development of your character and maybe the plot line!

Remember the first three sessions will be no-count “Arena’s” where we will familiarize everyone with the game system. Karma (XP) and the prize for “winning” these arena’s will be the only thing that carries over to the story.

The story will consist of be broken down into “Season’s” with one major plot arc, that will be broken down in to smaller “Episodes” that will theoretically encompass one to two game sessions and hopefully contain bits of the Season’s overall story plugged into it.
(Note: to prevent obvious plagiarism, this campaign style was originally invented by JD, and worked for an amazingly well put together and enjoyable story.)


DanTrunkey Athyna_Krystylis