06-16-11 Log From Open RPG

The First Day

First night and everyone was introduced to the start of the plotline. Character introductions were made, and people got a feel for their new persona’s in the world of Shadowrun. The sessions ends with a cliffhanger for the next week.

(9478) Deianeira (enter): 19:08
(9478) Deianeira: Good evening
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (9478) Deianeira…
(9501) Ebbie (enter): 19:55
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (9501) Ebbie
whispering to Deianeira, Ok, Miguel Lorenz (your Mr. Johnson contact) contacts you about a job coming up. It’s going to involve some smuggling, the whole thing is being orchestrated by a decker name Flatline. He give you the decker’s contact information and advised you to follow up with him for the specifics of the job. It’s supposed to be a cakewalk of a job, and given that your trying to get a business going it’s a prime opportunity to make some contacts and get some money.
whispering to Ebbie , Bubba your mechanic contact get’s in contact with you about a job coming up. It’s a smuggling run from Seattle to the SSC (Salish Shidhe Council), which brings them directly through the territory you hang out in. Giving you an edge on area knowledge that you will be travelling through, so they want to hire you on as a guide.
whispering to Ebbie , Bubba your mechanic contact get’s in contact with you about a job coming up. It’s a smuggling run from Seattle to the SSC (Salish Shidhe Council), which brings them directly through the territory you hang out in. Giving you an edge on area knowledge that you will be travelling through, so they want to hire you on as a guide. The whole thing is being orchestrated by a decker named Flatline. You are given his cell phone number to contact him and set up all of the details. This would be a great opportunity to make some contacts and get some money coming in. Smuggling is a good line for money, and with the right contact you can usually get away with smuggling halfway legal goods that wont’ weigh down on your conscious.
(9404) HomieGWillikers (enter): 20:43
(9404) Tendlian: Hello guys
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (9404) HomieGWillikers…
(9478) Deianeira: Hey there Homie…LOL
whispering to HomieGWillikers, Doc Sherman gets ahold of you during the day, and asks you if your interested in being a driver. Since he knows that your a driver he got word that this decker named Flatline is trying to put together a team to do a small smuggling run through the south side of seattle through the forest and mountains. He recommended you as the driver and Fatline said if your interested to give him a call for the details. With that he gives you a cell number.
(9536) Raed (enter): 21:14
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (9536) Vaeadus
whispering to Vaeadus, You are contacted by one of your mercenary group contacts. They tell you there is a smuggling run that pays 250 per day for four days and 1000 on successful deliver. The deal is setup by a decker named Flatline who will be paying you. it’s a low risk run and you are supposed to meet up with a group at a national park south of seattle. you take a taxi there and you notice a van pulling in in front of you. There is an RV with a troll getting out of it, and another car with a hippie chick in it and a bored looking elf over by some tables.
(9455) Joe: The time passes and you notice a van pull into the parking lot and pull up beside the RV
(9455) Joe: Oh and a taxi pullls in behind it…
(9455) Joe: You all notice Trendlian getting out of his RV and approaching the van.
(9404) Tendlian: gets out of the RV and starts aproaching the driver)
(9404) Tendlian: well sure write the story before I get to play it! haha
(9478) Deianeira: I just here at my picnic table and watch them
(9536) Vaeadus: ((Dynamic music plays as Veadus exits the vechile….))
(9455) Joe: A couple of guys (human) get out and unload a large trunk. It takes both of them to lift it. they speak breifly with the troll.
whispering to Vaeadus, “Here’s the package, where do you want it”
whispering to Vaeadus, (9404) Tendlian: (whispering): " I thought there was going to be a trailer…..whats with this truck?"
(9455) Joe: (whispering): "Nope no trailer, just this box. We were told to come here and give it to the big Troll in the RV. So uh.. Job done chummer. Later
whispering to Vaeadus, (9404) Tendlian: (whispering): " I thought there was going to be a trailer…..whats with this truck?"
(9455) Joe: (whispering): "Nope no trailer, just this box. We were told to come here and give it to the big Troll in the RV. So uh.. Job done chummer. Later
(9404) Tendlian: Fine….Heads to the back of the RV and opens the back hatch*
(9404) Tendlian: heads inside to re arange things so I canfit this box in
(9478) Deianeira: I saunter over to the troll. Wearing daisy duke shorts and a black tank top with a big red glittery heart on it.
(9404) Tendlian: Looks around for two humans that could looks like muscle*
(9501) Ebbie : “I am still laying behind the steering wheel of my car.”
(9404) Tendlian: After clearing a spot in the back of the Bison, Walks out and grabs the box
(9536) Vaeadus: The taxi door swings open abruptly and a man encased in black from head to foot. A long trench coat droops down to mere inches above the ground and move with him every step he takes towards the table the female elf was at. A hood covers his head an shades most of his face from onlookers, and his hands are tucked into the side pockets of the massive coat. A lone cigarette pokes out from underneath the hood as it slowly dissapates away into ash, before naturally droping to the ground at his feet. The cigarette seems to be going away slowly, as if he is trying to make it last.
(9478) Deianeira: “Hey there so are you who we get this mission from?” she smiles and speaks with an accent
(9478) Deianeira: She talks to the troll.
(9404) Tendlian: “And you are?”
(9478) Deianeira: She smiles big. “My name is Deianeira.”
(9404) Tendlian: “Hmmph” You the guide?
(9404) Tendlian: Finishes up getting the crate inside the RV and closes the door*
(9478) Deianeira: “No I thought you might be?”
(9404) Tendlian: Oh…well then….
(9404) Tendlian: “I guess we wait”
(9536) Vaeadus: Smoke eminates from underneath the hood as the man props his feet up on the table, his arms behind his head. The hood makes it look like he is looking downward, but it does face the direction of the two talking.
(9478) Deianeira: “So you are part of the group then huh?”
(9404) Tendlian: “I guess, Fatline called you to?” “heard that I am waiting for two humans and an elf”
(9404) Tendlian: “Suppose you are the elf, We just pick random humans now?” Grins
(9478) Deianeira: “Wonderful” she takes his face in her hands and kisses both his cheeks. “Glad to be working with you sweetie.”
(9501) Ebbie : “Hey, I am Ebbie, I am your guide”
(9404) Tendlian: Pushes her away “Thanks but no thanks sweet cheeks, I dont like to be touched”
(9478) Deianeira: “Good day to you too. I am Deianeira.” She kisses both her cheeks too.
(9478) Deianeira: “How can one not like to be touched?”
(9404) Tendlian: Nods to Ebbie
(9478) Deianeira: “Touching is the essence of displaying feelings.”
(9478) Deianeira: “I love you guys.”
(9478) Deianeira: she smiles
(9404) Tendlian: "I"m Trendlin. Where is the last of our party and lets go"
(9404) Tendlian: HEads in to the RV and fires it up
(9404) Tendlian: Sticks my head out the window "If your coming get inside, otherwise I’m leaving you behind*
(9478) Deianeira: I head in “On my way in sugar.”
(9404) Tendlian: Rolls his eyes
(9501) Ebbie : Gets inside the RV… “You guys are gonna need me.”
(9478) Deianeira: “You know I bet there are some nice girls who would like to meet you perhaps I will get to work on that. You might me less grumpy if you get laid.”
(9478) Deianeira: “and you she turns to Ebbie any significant others in your life?”
(9536) Vaeadus: Another smoke puff exits the hood, followed by a hand motion to quickly take the bud of the cigarette out of his mouth and flicking it to the ground. He quickly drops his feet to the ground and pratically springs out of his chair and begins to casually walk towards the side of the RV with the driver. The overly large sleeves that cover his hands quickly reach underneath his coat, conjuring up a pack of smokes as well as a fancy, cast iron square lighter. HE quickly puts a stick on cancer in his mouth and almost immediately lights it. By the time he arrives to his destination, he supplies for the habit are underneath the coat in almost an instance. “I’ll be the fourth one you’re all looking for. Shall we get going?” He speaks in a very dark, serious toe as if somethign was wrong, or agitating him.
(9501) Ebbie : “well Deianeira, there are a few men in my life…nobody of significance though.”
(9478) Deianeira: “Hey there sweetie.” she kisses the new guy on both cheeks. “I’m Deianeira what may we call you?”
(9478) Deianeira: “Ebbie there is no such thing they are all significant.”
(9478) Deianeira: “Isn’t that right new guy?” She swinks
(9501) Ebbie : “I suppose they all serve some sort of purpose.”
* (9536) Vaeadus backs up from the new person with his hands raised as if innocent. “I don’t touch anyone till I know them better. Personal policy.” *
(9404) Tendlian: Ignores Deianeira
(9478) Deianeira: “Ok well come in and get to know me better then.” she grins sauciliy
(9404) Tendlian: Opens the door for the new person
(9536) Vaeadus: “Depends how long this shany group can stay calm and collected. We can talk after we get the job done…” The man begins to walk foward, before stopping near the door. “Ladies first.” He follows after she enters.
(9478) Deianeira: “I’ll be looking forward to it.”
(9478) Deianeira: “Why is it that guys have to be so macho and have a problem accepting something as simple as a kiss on the cheek?”
(9478) Deianeira: She looks at him sighs and reboards the RV.
(9404) Tendlian: Gets out of the drivers seat and turns towards his new companion*
(9404) Tendlian: Alright, I assume we are all here because we heard of a job here in Seattle
(9536) Vaeadus: “All in the buisness miss. I’ve lost people from being tempted, and I’m not pushing daisys until I know every one of you are reliable. Kapeesh’?”
(9404) Tendlian: You in the hood points to him
(9404) Tendlian: Who are you and what is your specialty
(9478) Deianeira: “Living, loving, and losing is all a part of what makes life worth living.”
(9404) Tendlian: I"m assuming your human since these other two are elves….adn one with waaayyyy to much caffeene
(9404) Tendlian: Who is the guide?!
(9501) Ebbie : “I am the guide, I guess.”
(9404) Tendlian: Aye, then you sit up with with meet
(9501) Ebbie : “I know the area well, but I doubt that qualifys me enough to be your guide.”
(9404) Tendlian: and meet
(9404) Tendlian: and this stupid auto word thing sucks
(9404) Tendlian: well you will do your best I’m sure
(9404) Tendlian: the two elves
(9501) Ebbie : kicks the garbage out of the way & moves up front
(9404) Tendlian: I assume you are some kind of mercinarys?
(9478) Deianeira: “Im sure you will be a fine guide sweetie. Just jump right in and do your thing.”
(9536) Vaeadus: “Yes?” The man turns to face the troll, before continuing on to anwser his question. “I’m Vaeadus, and I can do most things required in this mission, which is all you need to know. As for you..” Vaeadus turns to face Deianeira, “And I plan on living as long as possible, so I can take my chances and be patient.”
(9478) Deianeira: “Patient for what? What is it that you are waiting for in which you have to practice patience?”
(9404) Tendlian: And you Deianeira….what is it that you do?
(9536) Vaeadus: “Trust, which it seems that none of you exercise….Are we leaving yet?” He snaps his attention back to the troll, some smoke exiting from underneath his hood as he speaks.
(9501) Ebbie : “Does anyone know the address to where we are going? I know some backroads & shortcuts that might help us out.”
(9478) Deianeira: “There you go love, lead away. I am very good with a whip.” she smiles at Tendlian
(9404) Tendlian: A house outside Eugene
(9404) Tendlian: If you need to clear a spot just throw the trash out the windows
(9404) Tendlian: show me what you are going to throw out first!
(9501) Ebbie : “Ok guys, let’s head out to those mountains ahead. We will want to hang on, it will be pretty bumpy but at least it will get us passed the Seattle border. Everyone needs to stay in the RV though, the area is well known to have awakened wolves.”
(9501) Ebbie : throws out an old Playboy magaize from 1986…the retro bush kind…with some of the pages still stuck together
(9404) Tendlian: Yes, thats ok to throw, it served its purpose
(9501) Ebbie : “ew”
(9478) Deianeira: “Ahh he does have a pulse there somewhere.”
(9478) Deianeira: “I have no problem staying in the RV.” She sits sexiliy crossing her long legs and smiling at the hooded guy,
(9404) Tendlian: C’mere little girl grabs D and drags her to the back of the RV
(9404) Tendlian: that was a joke btw
(9404) Tendlian: OK, I"m tired, I’m going in back and laying down, dont take anything…dont leave the RV and we will be ok
(9404) Tendlian: Pulls out a map and has Ebbie plot a course*
(9404) Tendlian: Goes to the back after it has been drawn
(9404) Tendlian: Whispers to Ebie…..hmm she vanishes into thin air as I come close to her
(9501) Ebbie : Disconnecting from server…
(9501) Ebbie (exit): 22:31
* (9536) Vaeadus stares off into his own world as he leans against the clearest wall during the bumpy road. He doesn’t seem to mind the bumping and manages to maintain his footing the entire time. *
(9478) Deianeira: “Even if you don’t trust me you can still come sit here by me.” she pats the seat next to her.
(9536) Vaeadus: “Hmm?” He seems to snap out of his trance before looking over in her direction. “I have no need for seating at the moment, but thanks for the..offer…”
(9455) Joe: As evening sets in, the skies start to turn a faint orange and the visibility starts to decrease.
(9455) Joe: You can see evergreen on both sides of the access road, and on the drivers side drops drastically a full kilometer to the bottom of a river basin.
(9478) Deianeira: “Isn’t that beautiful I love sunsets. They are so romantic.” Dei’s face lights up like a child
(9404) Tendlian: [<!— Official Roll —>] => [[6, 3],5,5,3,1,4,4,[6, 1],4,2,5,4] = (53)
(9455) Joe: As Mr T. is driving along Terra begins to point out that there is a bad part to the road ahead when suddenly the RV lurches as the groud gives way beneath the drivers side front tire. The RV rocks violently and bounces off of the road and then back on almost as quickly, Mr T. barely saveing the vehicle from overturning.
(9455) Joe: Ebbie
(9536) Vaeadus: "What the hell was that for? Trying to kill us all!?
(9478) Deianeira: “Ok I get it.” she looks to the hooded guy. “You aren’t attracted to me I can deal with that. Maybe though I could hook you up with someone?”
(9536) Vaeadus: "
(9455) Joe: The contents of the vehicle fly awkwardly around and the container in the back hits hard on a wall and begins to hiss and blow out white smoke or steam, the temperature drops drastically in the RV….
(9404) Tendlian: Turns on heaters*
(9455) Joe: The engine of the RV stalls (giving Mr T no signal it was doing this)… as the engine dies you hear off in the distance a reverberating howl that shakes the RV and your body to the core…
(9536) Vaeadus: “I’m currently trying to focus on the mission, so I can say that I am neither not interested in you nor do I care about you at the moment. That may or may not change in the future…”
(9404) HomieGWillikers (exit): 22:49
(9478) Deianeira: Disconnecting from server…
(9478) Deianeira (exit): 22:52
(9536) Vaeadus: Disconnecting from server…
(9536) Vaeadus (exit): 22:52

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